Orthodontic & Invisalign

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontia and the correction of your bite is essential to your overall oral health. The straightening of your teeth goes far beyond cosmetics and confidence. Properly positioned teeth are easier to brush and floss than crowded, crooked, or improperly spaced teeth. Correctly aligned teeth can help improve oral hygiene, better periodontal health, risk of abnormal wear and reduce the risk of teeth fractures. 

Orthodontic Consultation

Our process for an Orthodontic consultation is fully digitalized and we no longer rely on traditional impression material that tastes bad and can be inaccurate. The process starts with a visual exam in conjunction with your digital x-rays. Next, the dentist performs a fast digital scan with our ITERO digital scanner so that we can create an outcome simulator to illustrate the trajectory of your aligner treatment from beginning to end. The process is highly predictable and creates stunning results.


Retainers are given to you after completing your orthodontic / aligner treatment because your teeth are constantly moving throughout your life and help to retain the alignment of the treated teeth. Wearing your retainers as prescribed by your dentist is essential to maintaining what you achieved through your orthodontic treatment. However, many people wear out or lose their retainers and we can help you replace these through our digital impression process with ITERO. Our dentist only prescribes modern retainers that are customized and clear for our patients.